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All modalities are done in a designated private room, with relaxing music and proper draping. see the FAQ's for some general information about massage. Listed below are the modalities I practice most. Note they can be integrated with each other or used as solo therapies.

Swedish Massage is a full body therapy that induces overall relaxation. This modality includes long fluid strokes, muscle kneading, percussion and  friction. oil or lotion is used to provide glide over disrobed skin. Disrobing to your comfort level  is key to your relaxation!  Sessions ranges from 1 to 1 1/2 hour.

Deep Tissue Massage is a segmental approach of working superficial to deeper layers of tissues of the body to decrease pain and/or postural imbalance. This modality uses slower strokes to soften and lengthen tissues with the use of cremes, lotions and/or liniments. This modality focuses on  areas of pain and imbalance rather than the whole body. Sessions range from 1-2 hours. 

Neuromuscular Therapy is also known as trigger point therapy. This therapy is used to re-establish balance between the muscular and nervous systems by identifying and eliminating trigger points. (focal points of hypersensitivity that generate sensations like; pain, numbness and pressure, to name a few). Like Deep Tissue, this is also a slower, segmental approach that focuses on areas of specific pain and imbalance rather than the whole body. Session range from 1 to 1 1/2 hour.

Myofascial Release Therapy is specific for balancing the connective tissue matrix (fascia) that surrounds and wraps all tissues in the body. This is a slow technique that uses no lubricants. This therapy is used to balance distortions from postural imbalances, soft tissue injuries and repetitive functional tensions. This therapy follows fascial planes, thus works generalized areas. Sessions range from 1-2 hours.

Hot Stone Massage is a full body technique utilizing heated stones to release tension, improve circulation and induce relaxation and grounding. The use of the heated stones helps penetrate tissues without use of manual therapies like deep tissue or neuromuscular therapy. Oil is used to glide the stones over the body and disrobing to your comfort level is key to your relaxation! sessions are 1 1/2 hour. Hot Stone Compresses are optional with all sessions but are only used for specific areas of treatment.

Zoku Shin Do (The heart of the feet)an East Asian foot massage used to relax the mind and body while stimulating Qi (life force). Lots of lotion is used during the massage and an optional herbal foot soak before the therapy is always offered, but does increase the session to 30 mins versus 15-20 mins without.

Luk Pra Kob Thai herbal compresses are applied locally for pain relief and working with sen lines (life force pathways). Benefits of compresses include: anti-inflamatory, local analgesic, muscle and tendon  relaxation, improving range of motion, circulation locally,  and they just smell good! Herbal compresses can be utilized with all modalities with the exception of pregnancy and child massage. Herbal Compresses are optional with all sessions for specific areas of tension or a stand alone session of 45mins.

Heated Bamboo Massage performed with warm bamboo tools of varying sizes with full body Swedish or more specific areas of tension and Deep Tissue massage to reduce tension and stress as well as stimulating flow of lymph and blood leaving you feeling relaxed and revitalized. Oil is used for this modality. As a stand alone therapy sessions can be 60/90 full body or used with other modalities as Heated Bamboo Compress.

Raindrop Technique is a Lakota practice that uses highly antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory essential oils to simultaneously reduce inflammation and rid the body of certain pathogens that are believed to lie dormant along the spine. The theory states pathogens create inflammation which, in turn, cause spinal misalignments and/or chronic colds/sickness (caused by viral and bacterial pathogens). Sessions of Raindrop Technique can be done to begin any session by adding an additional 30 mins to a session or as a stand alone therapy of 45 mins.  

Body Wrap or Scrub Treatment Changing of the seasons can be unforgiving on our skin. With your choice of body treatment wrap we can get your skin hydrated and feeling silky soft again. Sessions include dry brushing, mud/seaweed application, scalp, neck and face massage. Removal of the mask is done with warm towels followed by body butter application. 90 min session include a light Swedish massage. Mask choices are Kopi (coffee), Kakao (chocolate), Hibiscus, Mint Algae or Seaweed.

Scrubs are a granulated sugar and oil mixture applied to the extremities after dry brushing and removed with warm towels. 90 min sessions include a 30-40 min massage prior to scrub application. 

 Meridian Balance is an acupressure technique also called dredging channels or meridians. This is a technique that requires 5 sessions to complete 3 major cycles or meridians that allow Qi to flow with balance throughout the body. sessions are done as a stand alone therapy and should be done by cycles with days to no more than 2 weeks between sessions.

Structural Integration is done starting with plumb line and gait analysis to find strain patterns in body tissues. The goal is to put the bones where they need to be to create the most functional ease with bodywork. Assisting clients to maintain functional  posture, improved body mechanics as well as body awareness to learn self care. This technique requires 10 sessions done 1-2 weeks apart and usually requires client participation and public underwear.  

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